Publications by Researchers at Portland Psychotherapy

Below is a summary of publications at least partially funded by or conducted at Portland Psychotherapy (bold indicates the author was Portland Psychotherapy staff while the work was conducted).

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Luoma, J., Allen, L. R., Gold, V., & Stauffer, C. (2024). Getting in Touch with Touch: The Importance of Studying Touch in MDMA-assisted Therapy and the Development of a New Self-report Measure. Psychedelic Medicine.

Lear, M. K., Smith, S. S., Pilecki, B., Stauffer, C., & Luoma, J. B. (In Press). Social Anxiety and MDMA-Assisted Therapy Investigation (SAMATI): A novel clinical trial protocol. Frontiers in Psychiatry, Psychopathology.

Lear, M. K., Spata, A., Tittler, M. V., Fishbein, J. N., Arch, J. J., & Luoma, J. B. (In Press). Transparency and Reproducibility in the Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science: An Audit Study. Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science. 

Moore, K. E., Johnson, J., Luoma, J. B., Taxman, F., Pack, R., Corrigan, P., Hart, J., & Slone, D. (in press). A multi-level intervention to reduce the stigma of substance use and criminal involvement: A pilot feasibility trial protocol. Health and Justice. 

Tittler, M.V., Luoma, J.B., Wade, N.G., & Wei, M. (In Press). Effects of a White privilege framing and a test of moderators. Current Psychology. 


Carroll, J. J., Rossi, S. L., Vetrova, M. V., Blokhina, E., Sereda, Y., Lioznov, D., Luoma, J.B., Kiriazova, T., & Lunze, K. (2023). The impacts of COVID-19 on structural inequities faced by people living with HIV who inject drugs: A qualitative study in St. Petersburg, Russia. International Journal of Drug Policy,

Linde, J., Luoma, J.B., Rück, C., Ramnero, J., & Lundgren, T. (2023) Acceptance and Compassion-Based Therapy Targeting Shame in Body Dysmorphic Disorder: A Multiple Baseline Study. Behavior Modification.

Joseph, V. W., Moniz-Lewis , D. I. K., Richards, D. K., Pearson, M. R., Luoma , J. B., & Witkiewitz, K. (2023). Internalized Stigma among Justice-Involved Women in Substance Use Disorder Treatment: Measurement Invariance and Changes During Treatment. Stigma and Health.

Luoma, J., Rossi, S. L., Sereda, Y., Pavlov, N., Toussova, O., Vetrova, M. V., ... & Lunze, K. An Acceptance-Based, Intersectional Stigma Coping Intervention for People with HIV Who Inject Drugs–an Open-Label RCT in St. Petersburg, Russia (in press). The Lancet Regional Health – Europe.

Joseph, V. W., Moniz-Lewis , D. I. K., Richards, D. K., Pearson, M. R., Luoma , J. B., & Witkiewitz, K. (in press). Internalized Stigma among Justice-Involved Women in Substance Use Disorder Treatment: Measurement Invariance and Changes During Treatment. Stigma and Health.

Thompson, B. L. (2023). Is ACT-informed exposure a viable treatment for excoriation disorder? A multiple baseline study. Behavior Modification. Download here.


Agin-Liebes, G., Zeifman, R., Luoma, J. B., Garland, E. L., Campbell, W. K., & Weiss, B. (2022). Prospective examination of the therapeutic role of psychological flexibility and cognitive reappraisal in the ceremonial use of ayahuasca. Journal of Psychopharmacology36(3), 295–308. Download here.

Arch, J.J., Fishbein, J. N., Finkelstein, L.B., & Luoma, J.B. (2022). Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Mediation and Processes: Problems and How to Address Them. Behavior Therapy.

Kozina, R. M., Lear, M. K., Stacy, S. E., Kern, S. M., Ripley, A. J., & Clapp, J. D. (2022). Moderating effects of brooding on the link between functional impairment and interpersonal needs in survivors of serious trauma. Journal of Clinical Psychology. Download here.

Lear, M. K., Lee, E., Smith, S., & Luoma, J. B., et al. (2022). Systematic Review of Measures of Generalized Shame. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 78(7), 1288-1330. Download here.

Luoma, J.B. (2022). MDMA-Assisted Therapy as a Means to Treat Social Anxiety Disorder. MAPS Bulletin.

Luoma, J.B., Pilecki, B., Davis, A.K., Smith, S.M. (2022). Predictors of attitudes toward psychedelics among psychologists in the USA. Drugs: Education, Prevention & Policy.

Yaden, D. B., Earp, D., Graziosi, M., Friedman-Wheeler, D., Luoma, J. B., Johnson, M. W. (in press). Psychedelics and Psychotherapy: Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches as Default. Frontiers in Psychology. Download here.


Davis, A., Agin-Liebes, G., Espana, M., Pilecki, B., & Luoma, J.B. (2021). Attitudes and beliefs about the therapeutic use of psychedelic drugs among psychologists in the United States. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 1-10. Download here.

Cheng, Z. H., Lozier, C. C., Lewis, M. M., O’Neil, M. E., Luoma, J. B., & Morasco, B. J. (2021). Investigating the role of psychological inflexibility, mindfulness, and self-compassion in PTSD. Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science, 22, 102–107. Download here.

Lear, M. K., Luoma, J. B., & Chwyl, C. (2021). Psychological inflexibility prospectively predicts client non-disclosure in outpatient psychotherapy. Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science, 19, 36-41. Download pre-print here.

LeJeune, J. & Luoma, J. B. (2021). Values. In Twohig, M.P., Levin, M.E., & Petersen, J.M. (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Oxford University Press.

Luoma, J.B. & Lear, M.K. (2021). MDMA-Assisted Therapy as a Means to Alter Affective, Cognitive, Behavioral, and Neurological Systems Underlying Social Dysfunction in Social Anxiety Disorder. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 12, 733893. Download here.

Luoma, J.B. Shahar, B., Lear, M.K., Pilecki, B., & Wagner, A. (2021). Potential Processes of Change in MDMA-Assisted Therapy for Social Anxiety Disorder During Acute Dosing: Enhanced Memory Reconsolidation, Self-Transcendence, and Enhanced Therapeutic Relationship. Human Psychopharmacology, e2824. Download here.

Pilecki, B., Luoma, J.B., Bathje, G.J., Rhea, J., & Fraguada Narloch, V. (2021). Ethical and Legal Issues in Psychedelic Harm Reduction and Integration Therapy. Harm Reduction Journal, 18, 40. Download here.

Rossi, S.L., Sereda, Y., Luoma, J.B., Pavlov, N., Toussova, O., Vasileva,J., Abramova, K., Bendiks, S., Kiriazova, T., Vetrova, M., Blokhina, E., Krupitsky, E., Lioznov, D., Lodi, S., & Lunze, K. (2021). Addressing intersectional stigma as a care barrier for HIV-positive people who inject drugs: Design of an RCT in St. Petersburg, Russia. Contemporary Clinical Trial Communications, 24, 100861. Download here. 

Thompson, B. L., Twohig, M. P., & Luoma, J. B. (2021). Psychological flexibility as a shared process of change in acceptance and commitment therapy and exposure and response prevention for obsessive-compulsive disorder: A single case design study. Behavior Therapy, 52, 286-297. Download pre-print here.

Vetrova, M.V., Cheng, D.M., Bendiks, S., Gnatienko, N., Lloyd-Travaglini, C., Jian, W., Luoma, J., Blokhina, E., Krupitsky, E., Lioznov, D. Ekstrand, M.L., Raj, A., Samet, J., & Lunze, K. (2021). HIV and substance use stigma, intersectional stigma and healthcare among HIV-positive PWID in Russia. AIDS and Behavior.


Lear, M.K., Luoma, J.B. &, Chwyl, C. (2020). The Influence of Self-Criticism and Relationship Closeness on Peer-Reported Relationship Need Satisfaction. Personality and Individual Differences, 110087. Download here.

Luoma, J.B., & Chwyl, C. (2020). Interpersonal mechanisms for the maintenance of self-criticism: Expressive suppression, emotion expression, and self-concealment. Current Psychology, 1-14. Download here.

Luoma, J.B., Chwyl, C., Bathje, G.J., Davis, A. K., & Lancelotta, R. (2020). A Meta-Analysis of Placebo-Controlled Trials of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 12, 1-11. Download pre-print here.

Luoma, J.B. & LeJeune, J.T. (2020). Incorporating Affective Science into ACT to Treat Highly Self-Critical and Shame Prone Clients. In M. E. Levin, M. P. Twohig & J. Krafft (Eds.), Innovations in ACT. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.

Luoma, J.B., Pierce, B., & Levin, M. E. (2020). Experiential avoidance and negative affect as predictors of daily drinking. Psychology of Addictive Behavior, 34(3), 421–433. Download pre-print here.

Luoma, J.B., Davis, A. K., Watts, R., & McCracken, L. (2020). Integrating contextual behavioral science with research on psychedelic-assisted therapy: introduction to the special section. Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science, 15, 207-209. Download preprint here.

Watts, R., & Luoma, J.B. (2020). The use of the psychological flexibility model to support psychedelic-assisted therapy.  Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science, 15, 92-102. Download here.



LeJeune, J.T., & Luoma, J.B. (2019). Values in Therapy: A Clinician’s Guide to Helping Clients Explore Values, Increase Psychological Flexibility, and Live a More Meaningful Life . New Harbinger: Oakland, CA.

Luoma, J.B., Subucedo, P., Eriksson, J., Gates, N., & Pilecki, B. (2019). Toward a contextual psychedelic-assisted therapy: contextual behavioral science and the third wave of psychedelic research. Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science, 14, 136-145. Download pre-print here.

Luoma, J.B., Chwyl, C., & Kaplan, J. (2019). Substance use and shame: a systematic and meta-analytic review. Clinical Psychology Reviews. Download pre-print here.


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Luoma, J. B., Codd, T. R., & Lynch, T. R. (2018). Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RO DBT): Shared Features and Differences with ACT, DBT, and CFT. The Behavior Therapist. Download pdf.

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Bahan, M. J., Cheslock, M. L., Potter, J. E., Guinther, P. M., & Luoma, J. B. (2014). Multi-modal shame assessment predicting alcohol consumption and related problems. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Western Psychological Association, Portland, OR. Poster available here.

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