Learning ACT Resource Guide

The Complete Guide to resources for learning Acceptance and Commitment therapy.

Download the free guide to learning ACT

There has been an explosion of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy resources in recent years, and for those therapists that are new to this clinical model, the sheer amount of what’s available can be overwhelming.

This guide will help you sort through all the books, podcasts, videos, online learning courses, exercises, and other resources that will help you learn & master ACT.  It is also meant to give you some ideas on how to get started and how to advance your skill and knowledge of the therapy over time. It will connect you with resources, ideas on how to practice and learn, and with strategies for skill development. 

We update this guide regularly to make sure it has an updated list of the best resources in print and on the web.

The free guide also includes…

  • A learning action plan worksheet
  • A comprehensive list of books categorized by population & setting
  • A core competency self-rating form

The guide is best read as a pdf document as it includes lots of clickable links to get you to other resources.

Download the free guide to learning ACT

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